What is CBD oil? What is CBD distillate? What is CBD Isolate? What is Hemp Oil? Read on to find out!

What is CBD or Cannabidiol?
Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is one of the chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. These compounds are also known as cannabinoids. Some of the other cannabinoids commonly present are THC, CBG, CBN just to name a few.

CBD Oil:
CBD oil generally is referring to a diluted form of CBD concentrates (isolate or distillate) which is mixed with things such as coconut or MCT oil and then sold in the form of tinctures or ‘CBD Oil.’ This mixture is created in order to hopefully increase the bio-availability of the CBD and the ease of controlling dosage.

CBD Concentrates (Distillate + Isolate)
The concentrates to make these oils come from the cannabis sativa plant (hemp) and are conceptually similar to the way olive oil is a concentrate of olives. In order to produce the oil, solvents, generally butane, CO2, or ethanol, are run through the plants material and then bind with the cannabinoids in the plant. Those cannabinoids are mostly CBD when coming from hemp although there are small amounts of other cannabinoids such as THC, CBG, and CBN but lets not get ahead of ourselves…

CBD Distillate (70%-80% CBD + other cannabinoids)
These solvents are then removed and what remains is the CBD and other cannabinoids which is known as CBD distillate. Among the cannabis community this is generally accepted as the most effective type of cannabis concentrate as the small amounts of other cannabinoids are purported to create what is known as “the entourage effect.” This effect is claimed to be caused by the other cannabinoids increasing the efficiency of CBD although there is little if any clinical evidence to prove this as of now. Although we are patiently awaiting studies to provide their conclusions!

CBD Isolate (~99% CBD)
To take it one step further and create CBD isolate (~99% CBD), the purest form of CBD, CBD distillate is further refined to remove just the CBD molecules and create a pure form with no other ingredients. This form is generally considered safest for those who want to know for absolute certain there is 0% THC in what they are taking.

Hemp Seed Oil (generally 0% CBD or other cannabinoids)
Hemp seed oil is made from hemp seeds from a food-grade strain of hemp specifically bred for grain and fiber and generally does not have CBD or other cannabinoids in it. It is however rich in vitamins and fatty acids that are shown to have other positive health effects. It is also great on salads 🙂

Hemp Oil (CBD content unknown generally published on total cannabinoid content)
Hemp oil is an anomalous term which can refer to either hemp seed oil (above) or whole plant (aka whole spectrum) extraction which in layman’s terms means not just the buds (where the highest concentration of cbd and cannabinoids are) but also the stalk and remainder of the plant. This type of oil generally has lower (if any) concentrations of CBD and limited information on its actual contents aside from the total cannabinoids by weight.

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